Supporting the Environment: consider our planet

How environmentally friendly is your Anchor?

Manson Anchors is choosing to make a bold statement for the planet, questioning the buying decisions of consumers and whether seeking the cheapest anchor is at the detriment of the environment.

The first question to ask yourself is where was your anchor made and is the planet paying the price for your purchasing decision. Global warming has heralded an unprecedented awareness of the environment and the affect that human actions and decisions have on it.

Manson Anchors raises its hand in declaring that buying a Manson Anchor means a positive step for the planet. How? Is this more rhetoric? No, Manson says that when most other anchor companies are having their product contract manufactured in developing countries with little or no environmental protection, Manson builds in New Zealand. New Zealand manufacturing is governed not only by strict labour laws that prevent the exploitation of workers by enforcing fair minimum wage levels, but it is also renowned for being a country where the environment comes first.
Consider our environment






New Zealand manufacturers are forced by the Government to have their processes tuned to be as clean as possible. Strict controls prevent hazardous waste dumping, pollution of the air, sea and protected ecosystems. Additionally, Manson recycles all its waste steel, aluminium, paper, plastic and glass.

You as a boat owner seek recreation by enjoying the marine environment. Manson seeks to raise your awareness that your choice in product could be harming the very environment you are enjoying. Look at the massive levels of pollution in the rivers of developing countries. Look at the heavy smog seen frequently on television and in the news media of developing countries. Products manufactured in developing countries can seriously contribute to damage on the planet.

You can play your part in preventing this damage and choose products for your boat with the planet in mind. Buying a Manson Anchor means a conscious choice in selecting a product that is made by putting the planet first.