Manson Supreme Dual Shank

The Manson Supreme has the features to be able to anchor in all seabed types. It’s the first anchor to utilise a dual shank anchoring configuration which enables different slots to be used for different ground conditions.

Using the rockslot, should the anchor become snagged, the shackle can simply slide to the front of the anchor where the traditional tripline was located and pull free. The rockslot feature makes the anchor ideal for anchoring in rock or coral conditions.

Using the sandslot the anchor will remain buried even with major windshifts. The sandslot is ideal for all sand, mud weed and grass conditions. The sandslot is also the recommended attachment for anchoring in extreme wind conditions.

The Supremes' Shank is 25% stronger than any other anchor's.

Supreme dual shank
High tensile shanks in stock
High tensile shank on the test jig Galvanised Supreme