The Manson Supreme Anchor

The Manson Supreme is an anchor that excels on yachts. This next generation New Zealand made anchor conforms to standard bowrollers and has been specifically designed for extreme holding conditions and different seabed types. Use a Manson Surpeme for a good night's sleep onboard and to keep your family safe.

The Manson Supreme has earned an undisputable reputation worldwide as the highest holding - fastest setting anchor since 2006, when it first hit the market. The bonus design feature in comparison to more classical anchor designs is that the anchor was developed with a dual operation shank to
enable use in rock and coral seabed types.

The anchor has been reviewed by Lloyd's Register EMEA and it received a SHHP status, Super High Holding Power.
The first and only production boat anchor in the world to do so.

Certificate Number SPA-ANCH0062

Available in galvanised and stainless steel.

o view the generic dimensions, standard sizes, recommended size for your vessel and an instructional video on how to deploy a Manson Supreme anchor, please choose and click on the following icons.

Standard Sizes
Recommended Size
Beneteau 53' Grande Bleu
  Galvanised Supreme

Supreme in bow