The Manson Plough Anchor

Originally designed in 1933, Plough anchors have been proven all over the world providing the best holding in the widest variety of weather and seabed conditions. The Plough's versatility and holding power in most circumstances will out perform all other types of anchors if set correctly.
Manson began manufacturing the Plough anchor in 1972 and the Manson Plough has now become Australasia's anchor of choice - synonomous with safe anchoring. It's built tough to withstand the rigors of the southern ocean, it's respected as the ideal all purpose anchor.
The Manson Plough is certified to Lloyd's Register as a HHP (High Holding Power) anchor. This process involves design approval of the anchor drawings, extreme scrutinising of the manufacturing process and finally, seabed testing of the anchor in three different soil substrates.

To view the generic dimensions, standard sizes, recommended size for your vessel and an instructional video on how to deploy a Manson Plough anchor, please choose and click on the following icons.

Standard Sizes
Recommended Sizes
Rayglass 42 Running
Mirror polished Plough
Galvanised Plough