The Manson Hiding Anchor

The Manson Hiding Anchor was launched in June 2009. It has been developed to be both a flush fitting pocket anchor with a polished closing plate and also a specifically designed underhull submarine anchor.

The inwardly tapered flukes enable the base plate to be wider than the fluke tips which enables the flush fitting format. The Hiding Anchor has also been designed to be deployed via a wetbox from the base of the hull for the clean look on the hull. Manson Anchors has also worked with sister company Bowmaster to provide an "all in one option" of the pocket, turning mechanism and anchor for boatyards.

The Hiding Anchor is Lloyd's Register Type Approved as High Holding Power (HHP) Anchor and is available approved in sizes from 50-4500kg.

To view the standard sizes of our Manson Hiding anchor, please click on the following icon.